Private DC coworking office space starting at $259 per month

HourOffice Farragut Square provides private DC coworking suites in a new office center offering all of the features of a corporate office with the shared convenience of being available on Farragut Square DC.  It’s administrative and shared meeting room services, secure personal and digital environment, and new sun-lit interior create a mini-headquarters workplace, with the added (and optional!) benefit of networking with a friendly community of experienced executives and entrepreneurs.

How much does Washington DC office space cost?

Virtual office plans: $79 to use our DC office address as your own; includes drop-in use of an open desk and lounge space from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays on a reasonable use basis.

• DC Coworking Plan: $400/month for your 10 day per months hybrid office use plan. Book a private office or workspace from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. weekdays.  Register as a preferred DC coworking partner to access this program. Some days you can work from home, while others you can work from here.

• Resident Plan: $799/month for unlimited, dedicated use of a specific desk, 24/7

Private DC Office Space Plan: Starting at $799/month. Month-to-month terms. Flexible start date. Enhanced safety & health protocols.  Three reasons you should consider our Class A private DC offices for real DC coworking.   Yes our private DC office windows really open!

• Meeting/Event Space: $39/hour for a 2 or 3 person private offices to $498/day (8 hours) for a 4 to 8 person meeting room equipped with LCD screens, Apple TV, Zoom Room & other presentation tools. These options are available on-demand.  We have the most meeting rooms on Farragut Square or Lafayette Park Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.

Addressing Shared Office Space and WFH Challenges

• Meeting the needs of both corporate and entrepreneurial cultures in a high-quality, boutique-style office initially seemed like a difficult task.  Interestingly, however, balanced diversity in membership has worked well in practice.  “The conclusion is, they are all here to get work done,” says founder Mark Wiatrowski.

• Quick resolution of technical IT glitches and vendor issues is essential to HourOffice, so the company has devised systems that are redundant and can be internally diagnosed and repaired, rather than relying on external consultants to resolve problems.

• Call HourOffice DC if you want transparent all-inclusive pricing, scalable private team spaces, and a professional team that will help you build your business.   Our blazing fast Gigabit Fiber Internet access is just one of many productivity perks.

• Be more productive with your WFH plan. We can help you balance the time you spend at home and in the office. Some days you can work from home, while others you can work from here.

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Updated May 28, 2021